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Improve Heat Exchange Efficiency with This Biobased Scale Remover!

Scale and rust can build up over time in heat exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, and other circulating water systems—especially those that are not properly treated. Failing to prevent scale buildup leads to the need to either chemically or mechanically remove scale to maximize designed heat transfer efficiency, good pipe flow, and equipment integrity. One great way to do this is with EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover Powered by Nano-VpCIa USDA Certified Biobased Product available from Cortec® Corporation.

biobased scale remover

Why Remove Scale and Rust?

Scale buildup does two things. It insulates metal surfaces and clogs piping. This makes equipment work harder to transfer the desired amount of heat and pump the water through the system. In extreme situations this can lead to equipment downtime and failures. Rust has similar effects and also represents the loss of metal and the potential for leakage and shortened service life. The situation only gets worse the longer it is neglected. Periodic scale removal every one to three years, or whenever an unexpected drop in heat exchange temperature is noticed, is a best practice for keeping scale and rust buildup under control and avoiding the extra costs, repairs, and other headaches associated with 10, 15, or even 20 years of accumulation.

Multi-Metal, Biobased Scale Remover from Cortec®

EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover Powered by Nano-VpCI™ is a heavy-duty product that works quickly to dissolve heavy scale and oxides (rust/corrosion) off metals. Unlike some products that cannot be used on aluminum or stainless steel, it is safe to use on multiple metal types, making it flexible for many different materials encountered in water treatment applications:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover Powered by Nano-VpCI™ contains 100% USDA certified biobased content and is easily biodegradable, giving it a positive environmental profile on two counts.

How to Remove Scale with EcoClean®

EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover should be used regularly to avoid more serious problems in heat exchange systems. The product comes in three forms: liquid, powder, and water-soluble pouch. The liquid version should be added to water at a 1:2 ratio and, if desired, can be sprayed inside open tube bundles. The powder version can be added to water at 7% by weight and used in the same manner as the liquid. The pouch version is convenient for circulating systems and can simply be tossed in the water and allowed to dissolve and circulate for a few minutes without dismantling the equipment. Leaving the product to sit for 20-30 minutes thereafter is a good way to give the product time to work and dissolve existing rust and corrosion before flushing out the system. Use of EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover should be followed by neutralization with an alkaline cleaner such as those in the VpCI®-41x Series, which also provide flash rust protection.

Don’t Wait—Now Is the Time to Maintain

Waiting to remove scale and rust only makes the problem worse. Routine maintenance with EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover is an excellent option for those who want to improve flow and heat transfer efficiency while using a biobased product and avoiding more serious system problems down the road. Contact Cortec® to learn more about using this biobased scale and rust remover in your heat exchanger, chiller, or cooling tower!

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