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PRESS RELEASE: Outstanding Biodegradable VCI Powder Available in Ready-to-Use Aqueous Version!

Cortec® is pleased to officially announce that VpCI®-609 Powder is also available in a premixed aqueous version. The resulting VpCI®-609 W cuts out the hassle and ensures optimal results for end users who ordinarily mix VpCI®-609 Powder with water before application. Here is a look at what VpCI®-609 W has to offer.

biodegradable VCI-powder for effortless rust-prevention on ferrous-metals

Prevent Rust on Ferrous Metals

The key benefit of VpCI®-609 W is rust prevention on ferrous metals and aluminum. VpCI®-609 W contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that protect metals below and above the waterline. When mixed into the water, these corrosion inhibitors form a microscopic hydrophobic protective layer on metal surfaces in direct contact with the treated water. However, as some of the most powerful, fast-acting water-soluble Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting molecules used worldwide, their forte is protection in the vapor-phase. They diffuse throughout the enclosed void space above the water and form a molecular corrosion inhibiting layer on metal surfaces that would normally go unprotected.

Easy to Use Biodegradable Corrosion Inhibitor

One of the main attractions of VpCI®-609 W is that it is made from VpCI®-609 Powder, which is biodegradable in marine environments according to OECD 306 Marine Closed Bottle Testing. Because of this, it offers one of the best ecological footprints among competitive VCI/VpCI® powders, making disposal easier in many situations.* As an aqueous product, VpCI®-609 W is also easy to apply and typically does not need to be removed—except occasionally with a simple water rinse or flush. This characteristic makes it adaptable for corrosion protection in a variety of applications:

  • Hydrotesting
  • Shot blasting or wet blasting
  • Tank storage
  • Steam condensate lines
  • Closed circuit heating systems
  • Cooling systems

Importance of Ready-to-Use Version

Although end users can make their own aqueous version of VpCI®-609 by mixing VpCI®-609 Powder with water, Cortec® strongly recommends using the pre mixed VpCI®-609 W version for best results. In addition to convenience, VpCI®-609 W gives users the reassurance that the VpCI®-609 Powder has been thoroughly mixed and that the solution is ready to use. This avoids some of the challenges faced by those who do their own mixing and may find it more difficult to fully dissolve the powder and much easier to experience powder caking, product contamination, and ultimate product failure.

Choose More Effective, Easier Rust Prevention

Whatever the reasons for using an aqueous version of VpCI®-609, choosing VpCI®-609 W will make life easier for the end user and ensure best product results for the job. Contact us to learn more about making the switch from mixing VpCI®– 609 with water to enjoying the benefits of ready-to-use VpCI®-609 W!

*It is always important to ensure that use and disposal of all materials is in accordance with local guidelines.

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