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NEWS ALERT: Corrosion Protection = Peace of Mind for Boiler and Cooling System Export

Cortec® water treatment “animals” are typically used for corrosion protection during seasonal or long-term layup. However, they also offer peace of mind to manufacturers of boilers, closed loops, and cooling towers in need of internal protection during transit.

corrosion protection - boiler

Corrosion Risks During Export Shipping

Shipping-especially overseas export-can be a risky time for manufacturers who have no way of controlling the environment through which their boiler or cooling tower components will travel once they are loaded onto a truck or ship. The same can be true for the storage conditions in which the equipment may sit for weeks or even months before installation at its destination. Threats include fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and salt-spray. The resulting corrosion not only looks bad to the customer; it can also undermine integrity.

Easy Protection for New Boiler and Cooling System Internals

In addition to employing appropriate VpCI® packaging for external protection, manufacturers can easily keep internals corrosion-free by placing a Boiler Lizard® (one bag per 1,000 gals [3.8 m³]) or Cooling Tower Frog® (one bag per 500 gals [1.9 m³]) inside the equipment. When slit open, these water-soluble pouches release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that diffuse throughout the enclosures and form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces while the equipment remains closed. The “Lizard” and “Frog” typically do not need to be removed at startup because they dissolve in water and are flushed away as the system is filled. If desired, they can be paired with the Boiler Egg™ or Cooling Loop Croc, respectively, for extra corrosion protection during startup.

Choose Peace of Mind

Manufacturers who choose to prep their boiler and cooling system internals for shipment with Boiler Lizard® and Cooling Tower Frog® are purchasing both peace of mind and “insurance” against rust claims and damaged customer relations. It only takes a simple addition to the packaging process. Contact Cortec® to learn more about protecting boilers and cooling water equipment from corrosion during transit.

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