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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #624: Mould Tooling Protection

An injection moulding and metal pressing company was having problems with corrosion of offline tooling because there were no corrosion inhibitors in the tooling cooling water system during service. Corrosion had to be removed from the offline tooling before it could be used, causing extra downtime. The company began adding VpCI®-649 BD to the cooling water tanks, which were part of a closed loop chiller system. A year into the treatment, they started periodically monitoring the concentration and adding additional VpCI®-649 BD or water to make sure the solution stayed at the right strength. Approximately eighteen months after adopting VpCI®-649 BD, the company was not experiencing any corrosion problems with stored and offline tooling where VpCI®-649 BD was used, thereby saving valuable maintenance downtime.

Keywords: corrosion on tooling, tooling maintenance, injection molding, closed loop chiller, corrosion inhibitor for cooling systems, corrosion problems, corrosion inhibitors, Cortec, Case History Spotlight

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