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NEWS ALERT: Raising the Bar Against Low pH Corrosion: Acid Cleaning and Pickling

Acids are a powerful means to clean metal surfaces. However, they can also attack metal surfaces, resulting in lost value or equipment damage. Cortec’s corrosion inhibitor for low pH environments helps bring the situation back into balance.


Reasons for Acid Cleaning

Acids are needed for many industrial applications. One use is acid pickling to remove scale or contamination from steel coils or other metal parts. Another common application is scale removal in industrial boilers, cooling water, and heat exchangers. When water treatment chemistry fails, scale buildup can have a dramatic impact on heat transfer efficiency, requiring more energy to get the same results.


Acid Cleaning Corrosion

Unfortunately, while acid cleaners do a great job of removing scale and contaminants, they may also remove core metal in the process. The challenge is how to clean away the appropriate contaminants without causing irreversible damage to the components and equipment themselves.

Corrosion Inhibitor for Low pH

S-11 helps industries accomplish cleaning and scale removal while inhibiting corrosion in mineral acids. S-11 Org is especially effective in organic acids. Neither additive affects the pH level, allowing the desired acid cleaning function to proceed without the same level of corrosiveness.

Restore Balance with S-11

If you find yourself in a situation where your only choice is to use strong acids for scale removal or pickling purposes, consider adding S-11 to the acid to reduce metal loss. Contact Cortec® to learn more about acid cleaning or pickling with our low pH corrosion inhibitor.

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