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Taking Water Treatment to a New Level of Corrosion Protection

Cortec® stands out as a leader in innovative, easy to use corrosion solutions for water treatment. Cortec® products go beyond basic treatment options by providing VpCI® protection alternatives to cumbersome or hazardous methods of traditional corrosion protection.

Cortec® water chemistry often makes disposal easier with options to replace nitrites, molybdates, phosphonates, and phosphates. Special combinations of contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors offer multi-phase protection opportunities for safeguarding metal assets below the surface of the water and also in hard to reach areas above the water level.

Browse our water treatment solutions by product category below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional help selecting the right solution for your specific application!


Cortec® has revolutionized the protection of boilers, eliminating the need for labor intense applications of silica gel, quicklime, and nitrogen blanketing.

Closed Loops

Cortec® offers excellent options for protecting closed loop systems with a range of high and low temperature heat exchange fluids. Special inhibitors are available for brine systems, low sodium applications, and hydrostatic testing.                                   

Cooling Water

Evaporative cooling water systems require protection during idle periods of operations. Cortec® offers solutions that are easy to add to a system, dissolve, and circulate through, leaving behind a protective barrier against corrosion.


Cortec® also supplies additives for water treatment formulators to use as building blocks in their own formulations. Formulators can choose from corrosion inhibitor, defoamer, or anti-scalant agents to add the desired characteristics to their own ready-to-use products.

Specialty/Multi-Use Applications

Cortec® offers a variety of water treatment corrosion inhibitors for specialty or multi-use applications. These include versatile products that can be used for wet layup or dry layup across multiple assets (boilers, closed loops, and cooling systems), as well as specialty products for ballast tanks, low pH systems, and more!

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