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NEWS ALERT: Simplifying Life for Water Treatment Service Providers and Their Customers

Gas boilers in gas boiler room

Are you a water treatment service provider (WTSP) or do you know one? You can make life easier for yourself and your customer by taking advantage of Cortec® boiler layup solutions.

Easy Layup
Cortec’s line of boiler layup “animals” offer easy, effective boiler corrosion protection starting at layup and going on into boiler startup. No longer do your customers have to worry about the cost and safety concerns of nitrogen blanketing or the hassle of applying and removing desiccant. Instead, WTSPs can provide a more effective and simple solution for their customers simply by placing a Boiler Lizard® inside or fogging boiler internals with the Boiler Dragon™ and shutting the openings. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors in the products form a protective molecular layer on all exposed metal surfaces within the void. Wet or flushing layup options are also easy to apply without having to open and/or drain the boiler.

Easy Maintenance
During the shutdown period, Cortec® boiler layup is low-maintenance and offers WTSPs peace of mind. Unlike nitrogen purge, there is no concern about checking for nitrogen leaks that could cause corrosion protection to fail and threaten worker safety. For wet layup, the frequent monitoring and maintenance of high pH and sulfite levels is eliminated. WTSPs can leave the boiler more or less alone until startup. By adding the Boiler Egg™ along with the Boiler Lizard®, WTSPs can further avoid unwelcome surprises from clients who start their boilers without warning. The Boiler Egg™ will fight corrosion in the makeup water at a critical time when the normal chemical system is not in place and there is higher risk for pitting corrosion.

Easy Startup
Startup is also incredibly easy. As mentioned, planning ahead with the Boiler Egg™ during layup will protect against startup induced corrosion. Another advantage of Cortec® boiler layup “animals” is that they do not need to be removed before startup, unlike standard desiccant for layup. The Boiler Lizard® simply dissolves when the boiler is refilled with water. With Cortec® wet layup options such as the Boiler Iguana, Boiler Salamander, or Boiler Turtle, the WTSP may not even have to spend time refilling the boiler at all!

Give Your Boiler Operators a Break!
Given their effectiveness and ease of use, Cortec® boiler layup products are bound to make life easier for your customer or anyone who maintains a boiler. Why not give your customers a break by suggesting these options today? Learn more:

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