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A Revolutionary Approach to Boiler Preservation

Boilers are a core asset of almost any industrial operation, providing heat to facilities or industrial processes. Boilers may be taken offline for a variety of reasons. During this downtime, boilers tend to be at higher risk for rust, which can build up in boiler systems and steam condensate lines. These corrosion products are a trouble point when the equipment is brought back online. In addition to deteriorating the equipment itself, rust can clog the system and cause operational problems. Any corrosion problems that have to be solved will cause a delay in recommissioning the system.

Cortec® offers practical, effective solutions to corrosion in boilers and steam condensate lines. Traditional methods for protecting this equipment from corrosion include desiccants, nitrogen blanketing, dry air systems, and hydrazine, among others. These present a variety of challenges. Desiccants are a hassle to remove from a system and can even incite corrosion if they become fully absorbed with water. Nitrogen blanketing is effective but must be frequently monitored to ensure no dangerous leaks occur. Dry air systems rely on a constant supply of power in order to remain effective. Hydrazine is a toxic chemical.

Cortec® solutions to boiler corrosion are much easier to apply and maintain, minimizing labor and making a speedier path to recommissioning. They typically do not require an airtight seal as is necessary for nitrogen blanketing and dry air systems. They also offer safer alternatives to methods such as nitrogen blanketing or hydrazine.

Cortec’s Boiler Lizard®  is a prime example of how Cortec® has revolutionized the protection of boilers. Boiler Lizard® is extremely easy to use. There is no special need to dry the boiler and apply silica gel or quicklime before layup or ensure constant pressure is maintained as for nitrogen blanketing. Simply slit open the water-soluble bag of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, place into the boiler, and shut the boiler openings. In many cases, the boiler can be recommissioned simply by filling with water and allowing the Boiler Lizard® to dissolve.

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