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Specialty/Multi-Use Applications

Basic Corrosion Protection and Beyond

Cortec® offers a variety of water treatment corrosion inhibitors for specialty or multi-use applications. These include versatile products that can be used for wet or dry layup across multiple assets (boilers, closed loops, and cooling systems), as well as specialty products for ballast tanks, low pH systems, and more!

With Cortec® Water Treatment Solutions You Can

• Remove scale from pipes and heat exchange equipment (EcoClean® Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover)

• Avoid flash rust while washing food cans (S-8) 

• Protect against corrosion in aqueous systems with low pH levels (S-11 Series)

• Protect equipment during and after hydrostatic testing (VpCI®-308, 309, 609, 611)

• Protect seawater ballast tanks (M-645)

• Provide extended dry layup of boilers, heat exchangers, and closed- and open-loop cooling systems (VpCI®-308, 309, 609) 

• Protect yellow metals (VpCI®-308)

Find the right solution for your application below!