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Protect Your Open Evaporative Cooling Water System

As a water treatment professional, facility manager, or maintenance technician, you are responsible for keeping cooling water systems functioning efficiently and effectively. Part of that job includes taking appropriate precautions against corrosion, which can shorten equipment service life or cause other operational or startup problems that bring unexpected losses.

Corrosion control of heat exchangers and piping is a critical part of any properly designed water treatment program. A good treatment program must take account for all the different metallurgy within a system. For best results, your treatment package should include corrosion inhibitor options to support equipment health during operation as well as layup—whether for short-term layup, long-term layup, dry layup, or wet layup.

The Cortec® Advantage for Idle Equipment

Often, the standard procedure for shutting down an open evaporative cooling water system is to turn it off and drain the water. This leaves the equipment at higher risk for corrosion while it is idle, causing unwanted problems when the system comes back online. Cortec® offers a preservation advantage that is not available elsewhere to fight corrosion for brief periods of shutoff or long periods of up to a year.

Products like Cortec’s innovative Cooling Loop Gator® make corrosion protection simple and effective. Application is as easy as adding a water-soluble pouch of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors to your cooling water, circulating it for 10-12 hours before either draining (flushing layup) or leaving the treated water in the loop (wet layup) as desired, and shutting all valves.

Keeping Systems Healthy in Operation

Cortec® also offers water treatment solutions to keep your system healthy during operation. These include corrosion and scale inhibitors for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as organic dispersant that works synergistically with biocides in water treatment applications susceptible to microbiological contamination.

Thorough Protection, Easier Disposal

Many of Cortec’s water treatment solutions offer both contact and vapor-phase corrosion protection. This means they protect metal surfaces directly in contact with the treated solution, as well as metal surfaces in hard to reach areas above the water level. They do not contain chromates, and they typically present a friendlier chemical profile for disposal than inorganic compounds.

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