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Custom Design Your Water Treatment Formulation

If you are a water treatment formulator who wants to stand apart from the crowd, look no farther than Cortec® additives. Cortec® additives supply important qualities to your custom-designed water treatment formulation and add corrosion protection capabilities above and beyond traditional corrosion inhibitors.

Add a New Dimension to Your Next Formula

With Cortec’s additives line, you can add a proprietary blend of biodegradable contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors to your own formulation. This specialty additive gives a new dimension to water treatment corrosion inhibitors by forming a protective molecular layer on metals above the surface of the water as well as those in direct contact with the treated water. The additive is nitrite- and phosphate-free and compatible with water, glycol, and alcohol. It also can be safely used in the presence of many different metal types.

Formulator Building Blocks or Standalone Products

Cortec® also offers many basic building blocks for water treatment formulations. These additives help you give your customers the qualities they need, whether corrosion protection of yellow metals, inhibition of scale, or anti-foaming properties. These additives can serve as a way to enhance your own formulation or be used as a standalone product for Boilers, Closed Loops, and Specialty/Multi-Use Applications

You Can Enhance Your Next Formulation with

  • Contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Copper and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Anti-foaming agent

Focus on What You Do Best

Your creativity is already at work to develop powerful water treatment formulas for many different applications. Let Cortec® simplify your job by taking care of secondary concerns like scale and foam and supplying our expertise at what we do best—corrosion inhibitors!

Let’s Get Started!

Browse our additive options below and contact us today to start planning your next high-quality formulation