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NEWS ALERT: Get on the Path to Good Cooling Tower Startup with BioClean 612™!

Spring is on its way to the Northern Hemisphere. That means cooling tower startup season is almost here for facilities getting ready to bring their industrial cooling systems back online. This is a great time to make sure everything is in tip-top condition for a good operating season. Cortec® BioClean 612™ is a great way to get started!

The Problem of Biofilm
During cooling tower layup, bacteria have plenty of time to feed on residuals in the system and grow a slimy biofilm on internal surfaces. If not removed, the biofilm can contaminate the system and cause a variety of problems. The best practice is to get it out of the system as soon as possible. BioClean 612™ is an excellent tool for this job.

Biofilm Removal Synergy
BioClean 612™ is a powerful aliphatic amide based organic penetrating agent and organic dispersant that works in synergy with biocides. BioClean 612™ penetrates and lifts the biofilm off the cooling tower internals and keeps it dispersed, making it easy to kill the organics with biocides and remove them from the system.

Cooling Tower Startup Best Practices
The best time to add BioClean 612™ is when you begin to fill up the cooling tower and turn on the circulating pumps. BioClean 612™ should be circulated by itself for 30-45 minutes before adding the biocide. BioClean 612™ removes the biofilm from the surfaces, and the biocide turns it into a dead silt-like matter that can be filtered out of the system. The next step is to launch the normal chemical operating program in a clean cooling tower where the water treatment corrosion inhibitors now have direct access to the metal surfaces for best results!

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