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NEWS ALERT: VpCI®-648 FO Simplifies Wet Layup of High-Pressure Steam Boilers

September 8, 2022

Auxiliary boiler systems from natural gas which include stack, burner, boiler and sky in power plant.

In the power generation system, it is especially true that time equals money. Unexpected or extended equipment downtime has a direct impact on how much steam can be made and consequently how much power can be produced and sold. Cortec® seeks to help plant operators minimize downtime by protecting against boiler corrosion and enabling faster return to service after layup. One of the latest products to do so is VpCI®-648 FO (ferrous-only) for wet layup of high-pressure steam systems.

VpCI®-648 FO removes the yellow metal component of a corrosion inhibitor water treatment for low-conductivity or high purity water/steam systems. Since high-pressure steam systems do not include yellow metals, VpCI®-648 FO is ideal for wet layup of boilers with high steam purity and feedwater quality requirements. VpCI®-648 FO has fewer chemical residuals to be concerned about, which translates into a faster return to service—especially since no extra time is needed to refill the boiler.

Scott Bryan, CWT (Cortec® Technical Sales & Product Manager – Water Treatment) explained the bottom line of why speedy startup is important: “From the moment they say, ‘Bring the boiler up,’ to when the boiler can start producing steam, that’s costing them a lot of money. . . . Our chemistry allows them to come up faster with less . . . corrosion issues [so] they’re making money faster.”

Contact Cortec® to learn more about preventing boiler rust using the VpCI®-648 FO boiler layup procedure for high pressure steam systems:

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