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PRESS RELEASE: New Boiler Dragon™ FO Protects High-Pressure Steam Systems from Corrosion!

September 9, 2022


Cortec® Corporation is committed to providing boiler layup solutions that enhance corrosion protection while making layup easier—sometimes even safer—for maintenance crews and water treatment service providers. One way Cortec® has done so is by expanding its line of boiler layup “animals.” Among the most recent additions is Boiler Dragon FO, a special version of Boiler Dragon designed specifically for dry layup of large high-pressure steam systems.

Importance of Effective Boiler Layup

The success of boiler layup depends on what does not happen: i.e., the boiler does not experience corrosion. Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of achieving a full boiler service lifetime, and layup is often the period of greatest vulnerability. Whether the boiler system is laid up for maintenance reasons or seasonal shutdown, corrosion that occurs while the boiler is idle can cause problems at startup and ultimately reduce service life through the deterioration of critical components. Applying Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that protect the entire enclosure and do not need to be removed upon startup can have a huge ROI by reducing downtime in the short run and extending service life in the long run.

Special Considerations for High-Pressure Steam Systems

An even greater corrosion prevention incentive exists for high-pressure steam systems such as HRSGs or other high purity steam boilers, especially common at power plants. The higher the steam pressure, the higher is the purity of steam or the quality of feedwater required. This leaves a narrower range of acceptable water treatment chemistries and a tighter tolerance for corrosion byproducts in the system. Since money is lost whenever these systems are not producing steam, corrosion protection can pay significant dividends simply by helping avoid downtime, not to mention preserving high-dollar assets long-term.

How the Boiler Dragon Works

When it comes to large boilers in general, the Boiler Dragon is an excellent corrosion prevention solution. This ready-to-use waterborne Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting fogging fluid is applied by spraying or fogging into the equipment interior. Direct application to every metal surface is not required, because the vapor-phase properties of Boiler Dragon molecules provide continuous protection throughout the boiler void spaces when properly used. The Boiler Dragon is a safer and/or more effective alternative to traditional boiler dry layup procedures such as using desiccants, quicklime, or nitrogen blankets. Boiler systems preserved by the Boiler Dragon can be returned to service quickly, simply by filling them with boiler makeup water. There is no need for product removal or flushing.

Removing Roadblocks for High-Pressure Steam Systems

Unfortunately, the needs of the high-pressure steam system market are more stringent. However, Cortec’s new Boiler Dragon FO (ferrous-only) caters directly to these high purity requirements. Because high-pressure steam systems do not contain yellow metals, Boiler Dragon FO omits the yellow metal inhibitor, leaving one less chemical to interfere with steam purity or feedwater quality. As Scott Bryan, CWT, (Cortec® Technical Sales and Product Manager – Water Treatment) explains, designing a purer product without unnecessary chemicals makes implementation and return to service much easier. “[W]hen they bring [the boiler] into service,” Bryan said, “they don’t have to do any extra steps to remove the product or clean it, or do anything else to take that [Boiler Dragon FO] chemistry out of the boiler before bringing it back into service.” As previously implied, time equals money in steam generation, so the sooner power plants or manufacturers can bring the high-pressure steam system online, the sooner they will be generating income.

Saving Time and Money

Effective preservation of high-steam pressure systems during layup translates into both time and money saved at the respective power plant or facility relying on high-pressure steam production. Boiler Dragon FO provides an effective method of corrosion protection without the extra obstacle of a yellow metal inhibitor. Boiler Dragon FO simplifies preservation for ferrous-only systems, making easy and effective layup more accessible even to boilers with high pressure and purity requirements.

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