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NEWS ALERT: New Mini Boiler Lizard® Demo Video from Cortec®!

We are pleased to release a new demo video on the Boiler Lizard®! In less than half a minute, this accelerated time lapse shows how a mini Boiler Lizard® dissolves when added to water. The water-soluble pouch disintegrates and disappears, releasing the boiler corrosion inhibitor powder and allowing all—contents and pouch—to gradually dissolve in the water. This video is a great way to introduce others to the convenience and workings of the Boiler Lizard®—or to visualize it yourself!

For decades, the Boiler Lizard® has been a revolutionary way to protect against boiler rust during seasonal or long term layup, or when transporting new boilers to end users. The Boiler Lizard® contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor powder in a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) water-soluble bag. Application is simple: place the Boiler Lizard® inside the empty boiler waterside, slit open the PVA film, and close all boiler openings. Throughout the course of the layup season, boiler rust inhibitors in the Boiler Lizard® vaporize and adsorb in a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces inside the void space, reaching all recessed areas and interior cavities. At the end of layup, the boiler can be filled with water as normal—no need to remove the Boiler Lizard®! The Boiler Lizard® simply dissolves, as seen in the demo video, making this effective method of corrosion protection highly convenient. The same water-soluble mechanism is at work in other Cortec® corrosion inhibitor water treatment “animals,” such as the Cooling Loop Gator® and the Cooling Tower Frog®.

If you have used the Boiler Lizard® before—or are interested in using it in the future—click here to get an idea of how it works when refilling a boiler after layup!

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