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PRESS RELEASE: Boiler Rust Inhibitors – Go Beyond the Boiler Lizard®!

The Boiler Lizard® has become a revolutionary alternative to traditional boiler layup procedures of using desiccant, dehumidification, and nitrogen blanketing over the last few decades. An effective and easy-to-apply boiler rust inhibitor, the Boiler Lizard® protects costly assets from corrosion, thus avoiding short-term problems (leakage and clogging) and helping to extend boiler service life. However, just as in carpentry every nail does not require the same kind of hammer, so in water treatment the same layup procedure is not ideal for every boiler. It is therefore important for boiler operators and water treatment service providers to know how and when to go beyond the Boiler Lizard® for the prevention of boiler corrosion.

Choosing a Corrosion Inhibitor by Boiler Size

While the Boiler Lizard® is an exceptional tool for dry layup of mid-sized boilers, it does not always make sense to cut it in pieces to fit small boilers or, conversely, to add 50 Boiler Lizards into a giant boiler. With this in mind, Cortec® has recently expanded its selection of boiler layup “reptiles” to create boiler inhibitor tools that offer the same effective protection technology in a format that makes sense for each boiler size. A general rule of thumb for applying Cortec® dry layup “reptiles” is as follows:

  • Boilers under 100 gallons (380 L) are great candidates for the Boiler Gecko, a convenient ready-to-use Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor packaged in an air-powered spray can. One Boiler Gecko will treat approximately 100 gallons (380 L) of volume in a boiler that has been drained, making it ideal for dry layup of small boilers and steam components. There is no need for product removal or additional flushing before the boiler is filled and returned to service.
  • Boilers of 1,000-10,000 gallons (3,800-38,000 L) are ideal candidates for dry layup of boiler watersides with Cortec’s tried and true Boiler Lizard®, which treats 1,000 gallons (3,800 L) per pouch. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors diffuse out of the Boiler Lizard® and protect metal surfaces inside the boiler as long as it remains closed. Upon startup, the Boiler Lizard® simply dissolves in the makeup water.
  • Boilers of over 10,000 gallons (3,800 L) are the best candidates for dry layup with the Boiler Dragon. Boiler Dragon is a ready-to-use waterborne multi-metal Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting fogging fluid for dry layup of large boilers and steam components. There is no need for product removal or flushing before returning to service. Boiler Dragon FO is a simplified formula available for use with high-pressure steam systems that require a high level of purity.

While significant overlap exists on the size of boiler each “reptile” can be used to protect, Cortec’s expanded options make the convenience and effectiveness of Boiler Lizard® technology more adaptable to all boiler sizes.

Choosing a Corrosion Inhibitor by Layup Type

Another factor in selecting the right boiler rust inhibitor is to evaluate the preferred layup procedure. While the previous three products are great for dry layup, some boilers require wet layup, wet layup on standby, or the flexibility of wet-dry layup options. Boiler type and component also play into the equation. By going beyond the Boiler Lizard®, Cortec® has made versatile options to suit each:

  • The Boiler Salamander provides a wet layup solution for high-purity steam boilers, such as high-pressure steam systems, superheaters, super-critical boilers, and cyclic boilers at power plants. It does not contain any EPA or OSHA hazard components and is an excellent option for use in systems with deionized or reverse osmosis water.
  • The Boiler Iguana provides an easy solution for boilers on standby. It is easy to apply and does not require frequent monitoring, unlike traditional layup strategies that require maintenance of high pH and regular testing of oxygen scavenger and sulfite levels in boilers kept on low fire.
  • The Boiler Turtle offers the flexibility of wet-dry layup. The product is applied to the filled system and left at high-water level for 24 hours. The water can subsequently be left in for wet layup or drained for dry layup. Boiler Turtle adds an extra measure of convenience because it does not require the boiler to be drained or opened for initial application.

Just as a hammer works great for the right type of nail, so the Boiler Lizard® offers outstanding convenience and protection for the right type of boiler layup. By an awareness of industry needs, Cortec® has gone beyond the Boiler Lizard® to design layup solutions tailored to different types of boilers and boiler layup procedures. Take advantage of these strategies by investigating beyond the Boiler Lizard® today:!

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