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NEWS ALERT: A Versatile Corrosion Inhibitor for Wet Layup of Boilers and Cooling Systems

Corrosion prevention is an important part of asset integrity management for facility boilers, closed loops, cooling towers, and other water treatment systems. Vulnerability to rust increases during layup when the normal water treatment chemical operating program is not in place. Where wet layup is desired for faster preservation and return to service, VpCI®-649 has proved to be a versatile corrosion inhibitor for both boilers and cooling systems.

Dual Boiler Rust Inhibitor / Cooling Water Treatment

VpCI®-649 is a concentrated liquid formulation that can be used as a boiler rust inhibitor, cooling tower inhibitor, or closed loop water treatment during equipment wet layup. It is designed to provide long-term protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in water and glycol systems. It also contains a stabilizer for use in hard water systems. A special feature of VpCI®-649 is its Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, which form a protective molecular layer to protect metals even above the water level where traditional contact-only inhibitors cannot reach. VpCI®-649 does not contain nitrites, phosphates, or chromates and is available in a molybdate free (MF) version, among others.

Easy Layup, Speedy Return to Service

Wet layup with VpCI®-649 is simplified because there is no need to open or drain the boiler or cooling water system. The product is added in the same way as standard water treatment chemicals and circulated through the system. The vessel can be left full or drained partially. At the end of layup, equipment can be restarted as normal, typically without having to remove VpCI®-649 or refill the boiler or cooling loop. This saves valuable startup time.

A Broad Spectrum of Layup Possibilities

Whether you find yourself laying up auxiliary boilers on a ship, mothballing a district cooling system built ahead of schedule, or performing wet layup of mooring buoys after ballast testing, VpCI®-649 is a versatile corrosion inhibitor option to consider for easy, effective protection. Contact Cortec® for assistance on your specific application:

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