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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT #103: Fighting Electronics Corrosion at Wastewater Treatment Plant

High humidity and hydrogen sulfide in deep tunnel pumping stations were causing corrosion that led to electronics and electrical failures, excessive downtime, and extra costs. The water reclamation district addressed the problem with Cortec® VpCI® Emitters, Corrosorber®, and ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-248VpCI®-105, VpCI®-110, and VpCI®-111 were placed in electrical enclosures based on size, and the doors were closed to trap protective Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors inside. Open-air components were sprayed with ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-248 to clean electronics/electricals and leave behind a long-lasting protective layer. Over the next decade, the district continued to use the corrosion protection products and saw a significant drop in electrical/electronic failures in this corrosive environment.

Keywords: Case History Spotlight, electronics corrosion, corrosion at wastewater treatment plant, corrosion in deep tunnel pumping stations, electrical failures from corrosion, corrosion inhibitors, corrosion protection, Cortec, VpCI, downtime from corrosion

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