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NEWS ALERT: Tightening Borate Restrictions Underscore Benefits of Cortec® VpCI®!

Tighter restrictions on borates in Europe mean that water treatment service providers have fewer options for corrosion protection in their closed loops. However, it does not mean they are worse off, since Cortec’s S-69 and VpCI®-649 offer excellent alternatives to typically-used commodity chemicals.

borate restrictions

S-69 is an additive that can be used as a corrosion inhibitor building block along with other standard operating treatments. It does not contain nitrites, borates, phosphates, chromates, or heavy metals; it is also available in a molybdate-free version. VpCI®-649 is very similar and is a ready-to-use liquid corrosion inhibitor formulation that also includes a scale inhibitor for use in hard water. Both products contain a powerful blend of contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that protect multiple metals in direct contact with the treated water as well as metals in partially filled spaces.

S-69 and VpCI®-649 can be used for corrosion protection in operating systems and during layup when the system is either stagnant (wet layup) or drained (dry layup). Length of protection depends on the dosage that is circulated before draining the cooling fluid. VpCI®-649 can also be used for corrosion protection during hydrotesting. Other advantages of VpCI® vs. borates is that VpCI® is typically considered a mixed (anodic and cathodic) inhibitor (borate is anodic only), and VpCI® has a much lower impact on system conductivity.

If you find yourself being squeezed by tightening restrictions on borates, consider pursuing an alternative path of treatment. You may just end up finding it to be an all-around improvement to your water treatment processes! Contact Cortec® to learn more about these two corrosion inhibitor alternatives to borates.

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