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NEWS ALERT: Did You Have Boiler Startup Issues? Do This Next Year!

How did your boiler startup go this fall? Did you see a spike in iron levels? Did you have to do extra steam trap maintenance and repairs? While many boiler operators and water treatment service providers may be used to these issues, Cortec® explains that they do not have to be a normal part of startup with the proper corrosion protection during layup.

boiler startup issues
Why Is Corrosion a Problem at Startup?

Industrial boilers that have not been adequately preserved during the offseason are at risk for corrosion in any area where water flows: the deaerator, steam lines, steam traps, condensate tanks, and the boiler itself. When the boiler is refilled and begins to recirculate water, corrosion migrates, too. This is represented by high iron levels and undissolved solids, which can reduce the effectiveness of water treatment chemicals and/or plug the system. The cost can be lost steam, integrity, and efficiency combined with leaks and repair headaches. Problems like these usually die down about three or four weeks into the boiler’s operating season as fresh steam purges the system and iron collects in the boiler where it can be removed by blowdown.

What Will You Do about Corrosion Next Year?

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, the good news is that it does not have to be repeated next year. Cortec® corrosion inhibitors for boiler layup are simple and effective to use. For example, the Boiler Lizard® can be placed inside the waterside of a drained boiler and left for the season to fill the enclosed void with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors. This water-soluble pouch of corrosion inhibitors simply dissolves when boiler makeup water is added. The Boiler Gecko™ and Boiler Dragon™ provide similar chemistry applied by fogging smaller boilers and larger boiler/steam systems, respectively. The Boiler Iguana™ can be used for wet layup. The Boiler Egg™ is great for an extra boost of corrosion protection at startup when dissolved oxygen is high and the normal chemical operating system is not yet in place.

Are You Ready for an Easier Startup?

If you are still dealing with boiler startup problems, now is the time to plan for an easier boiler startup next year. Making a small investment in wisely selected layup materials for next spring and summer can help save time, money, efficiency, and boiler integrity when fall arrives. Contact Cortec® to learn more about solving corrosion problems at boiler startup.

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